(16) Hard work + overtime = promotion?

Hey guys, today we have to discuss this topic a bit. I mean, a lot of people go through this and I think it´s a common misbelief. First of all, I´m 28 years old and most of my colleagues or friends are of the same age. Most of us have studied and huge plans for their future. Therefore it´s common sense to push as high as possible, right?

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(11) Is the basic income without conditions the better social system?

Hyvää päivää! This article today is about the experiment in Finland. That´s why I tried to greet you in Suomi, the so-called Finnish language 😀 In Finland they investigated the basic income without conditions. They´ve selected 2000 unemployed persons and transferred them 560€ per month within these two years of that experiment. I must say that in addition to these 560€ there are Housing benefits and other governmental helpings. With the beginning of 2019, this experiment has ended and I guess it´s time for a resume. Continue reading (11) Is the basic income without conditions the better social system?

(8) Gender-Pay-Gap or Gender-Pay-Trap?

Well, today´s gonna be a bit controversial. Maybe I see myself in jail afterward, but I have made some thoughts about this topic. First of all, I see myself as a feminist. From the current point of view, other perspectives won´t make sense. I like the idea behind Gender-Pay-Gap but crucially there are some mistakes in it I would like to inform you about. But to make it clear, there is an imbalance between men and women around the world but not there is no Pay Gap really. Long story short, let´s head into this!

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