(16) Hard work + overtime = promotion?

Hey guys, today we have to discuss this topic a bit. I mean, a lot of people go through this and I think it´s a common misbelief. First of all, I´m 28 years old and most of my colleagues or friends are of the same age. Most of us have studied and huge plans for their future. Therefore it´s common sense to push as high as possible, right?

Absolutely! But… Continue reading (16) Hard work + overtime = promotion?

(15) How Onboarding should be like

Hey Guys, I´m back in Europe and I took a lot from my trip to Asia. From both personal and HR perspective. Since this is not a travel blog, we focus on the HR part of it. But this time around I don´t talk about something I´ve seen there in Asia. It is actually something I´m in charge of in the company I´m working in. It´s the Onboarding of new employees to our company. Continue reading (15) How Onboarding should be like