(18) Simple ways to achieve employee retention

Hey Guys, one of my favorite topics in terms of Human Resources. How to achieve employee retention? Well, I’ve been in some companies around the last couple of years and I saw that many of them couldn´t care less about it. Whilst seeing this, I told myself “With me as a manager it´s not gonna happen!” Talk is cheap. We all know that, but I´ll show how it´s possible to manage it. Continue reading (18) Simple ways to achieve employee retention

(15) How Onboarding should be like

Hey Guys, I´m back in Europe and I took a lot from my trip to Asia. From both personal and HR perspective. Since this is not a travel blog, we focus on the HR part of it. But this time around I don´t talk about something I´ve seen there in Asia. It is actually something I´m in charge of in the company I´m working in. It´s the Onboarding of new employees to our company. Continue reading (15) How Onboarding should be like