(10) BREXIT and what´s gonna happen in terms of employment regulations?

Hello folks,

some of my readers had asked me this question.

To be honest. I had to do some research to really figure out what´s gonna happen. After quite some time of investigation what the Brits gonna do I give you some facts you really need to know in the first place. Continue reading (10) BREXIT and what´s gonna happen in terms of employment regulations?

(9) Better company culture = better performance?

Happy New Year guys! I hope you´re still motivated to achieve your goals this year around? Speaking about goals, promises, and motivation we genuinely speak about performance.
Let´s just say the company boss hires you to boost company performance. What would you do? What would you change?

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(8) Gender-Pay-Gap or Gender-Pay-Trap?

Well, today´s gonna be a bit controversial. Maybe I see myself in jail afterward, but I have made some thoughts about this topic. First of all, I see myself as a feminist. From the current point of view, other perspectives won´t make sense. I like the idea behind Gender-Pay-Gap but crucially there are some mistakes in it I would like to inform you about. But to make it clear, there is an imbalance between men and women around the world but not there is no Pay Gap really. Long story short, let´s head into this!

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