Hey, guys, today it´s about the job interviews. In my job, it’s all about these every day. But how can you really find out through these interviews whether this person also suits your company?

Interviews are there to find out if the person fits the company!

Somehow, most interviews are all the same. A bit of CV, previous jobs, qualifications, maybe a few hobbies. And then, these “provocative” questions of the hobby psychologists in personnel position. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” If you don’t prepare for these standard interviews, it’s your own fault.
Our goal is to look behind this mask of applicants.

But 60 to 90 minutes are not enough! And an assessment center isn’t? Nevertheless, it is of course in the interest of the personnel managers to examine an applicant as closely as possible during the interview in order to avoid making a wrong decision. A wrong decision can cost several thousands of euros, by the way!

They usually follow the same procedure with greetings, self-presentation of the applicant, company presentation, contract negotiations & Co. This should be known to most candidates so that they have prepared themselves carefully and probably tell you what you would like to hear. It is questionable whether this approach actually results in the best possible decision. Instead, recruiters should surprise their counterparts, make them think and tickle spontaneous answers out of them. Because these usually say the most about his personality. In addition, it depends on the correct formulation.

I don’t tell you what we do at my company. I would much rather tell you what questions I would ask to really find out who is sitting in front of you?

1. A question about motivation is very important in my opinion!

I want to hire someone who really wants to do this job and not have the salary, the job title, the employer or just any job. Whoever is in conversation with me sits there because he wants to have this job in my company. Nothing else. If you can’t answer this question, you hardly have a chance.

2. you should be able to describe yourself a little. Who they are, how they believe to be seen and what distinguishes them from others?

We live in a world where many do not stand out from the crowd and follow blindly. I don’t like it that way and always want to be a little individual myself and have my own head. I do what I want and not what society wants. Someone who shows that he does not follow blindly and also has his own head shows that he can bring the company forward and is absolutely a profit for every department and every company.

3. I like to ask controversial questions. Questions that have lost nothing in the classic job interview.

These are so-called stress questions. Questions that nobody expects. But that’s exactly what should happen. Finally, you cannot expect with always the same procedure that humans are surprised. I myself go to interviews quite relaxed because I am hardly surprised anymore. I particularly like these kinds of questions because your counterpart is stressed and everything could be a bit more ponderous. Confidence goes down the toilet and we see more of the true face.