Hello Guys,
welcome to another episode of my blog! This time around we discuss the topic Active Sourcing. It´s becoming more important and starts to be a new trend.

The battle for the best talents in the labor market is becoming more intense. As a result, companies are applying more and more to applicants. As a human resources manager, I sit on both sides of the table and notice this development increasingly. I observe myself as an applicant asking “Why should I work for you?” rather than being asked “Why should we hire you?
That’s why numerous companies are turning to Active Sourcing. So basically they go looking for the talents themselves.

In the past, Active Sourcing always seemed to me as if the company was not good enough, so they searched for it themselves and approached me. Today I know that this is the way it should be done. A few weeks ago I was still talking about employer branding and it is much more important to attract the good candidates anyway, but not every job advertisement reaches every applicant and therefore not always the good reputation is sufficient or only to hope for the job advertisement.

The companies are searching for social media platforms like XING, LinkedIn etc. In the past, these were fairs and graduate events at universities. Today it is much faster and more efficient to hunt talent online.
Active Sourcing is successful if you manage to retain the talent you have sighted by inviting them to a personal meeting or by offering them a non-binding meeting on the phone. You can also try to influence candidates not to look at the competition in detail.

One would have the following possibilities to build up an Active Sourcing department. Talent pools, for example. Here you will find all the talents who already have a connection to your company. Candidates who are very interesting because of what they do. In addition, there are platforms where you can upload entire resumes. As well as searching on career platforms for certain qualifications.

Finally, one can say that Active Sourcing has replaced the classic job advertisement. It is more efficient and offers opportunities to attract great talent to your company.

Write to me what you think about Active Sourcing and what experience you have had with it.

See you next time at the 20th edition of my HR blog.