Hey Folks,
welcome to a new article here on my blog! This time around we speak about a sensitive topic. I know it´s not the first time!

Actually, a reader of my blog asked me wheater I could write about it and obviously, I´m here to do so 😉
But before we start I think we´re aware of we all love being praised for something, right? I guess you said “YES
and I´m damn sure about that you at least hope to get some appreciation, right? I guess you said “YES” again 😉
But what we do not really like is getting criticized for anything! That´s the truth! Certainly there are people handle it better and others don´t but in general, we don´t like it that much.
We also recognized that without critic the things won´t work and we people need it somehow as much as we need appreciation. We need it to get better in what we´re doing and we need it to develop ourselves. The challenge is here is how to criticize your employees the right way?

Once I read a book about how to influence people and therein it was written a big secret about dealing with people I can´t avoid to tell you.
In 1921 there has been the Bethlehem Steel Company and Charles Schwab became one of the first people in American Business to be paid a salary of over a million dollars a year when there was a person earning a fifty dollars a week was considered well off. Why did he earn so much? Well, it was his ability to deal with people. The greatest ability he possessed and the way he developed the best that is in a person is by appreciation. He gave them an incentive to work and he was hearty in his approbation and lavish in his praise.
People usually do the exact opposite.

Bosses nowadays should praise their workforce honestly and in public to show that it´s not just the salary they get from the company they work in. They should keep an eye on the people who need appreciation more than others and rather avoid harsh words. The critic is part of our society but bosses should watch out the way they do it.

Better is to avoid doing this in front of the others and the faster it happens right after the mistake the better the person can improve from that.

There have been bosses in the past of my career for example who couldn´t really handle it the right way what brings me to the following.

Bosses should care about finding the right moments, the best way to bring critic and avoid pressuring their employees. Because I don´t want to tell the whole story, but what actually got me away from my last job was the I´ve been criticized that often and pressure on and on again, that I lost the ambition to prove him wrong and quit my job right after having enough of not being appreciated. A quick fact to this, this way of pressurizing and criticizing worked somehow until this very moment I really had enough. Therefore take this as a lesson. Pressure and critique could somehow bring you something, but it´s never the long-term way to go. You´ll lose people who fought for your business until they realize that they will never find the appreciation of working for you and leave.

So Guys, there you have it! It wasn´t easy this time, but I hope you enjoyed it and give me some appreciation with reading this article and the following as well!