Hey guys, today we have to discuss this topic a bit. I mean, a lot of people go through this and I think it´s a common misbelief. First of all, I´m 28 years old and most of my colleagues or friends are of the same age. Most of us have studied and huge plans for their future. Therefore it´s common sense to push as high as possible, right?

Absolutely! But…

We know to come up we need to be better than the rest and obviously work hard for it. But is it really the hard work what brings you to the top of the firm or is it anything else?

I´ve been this guy who worked hard a couple of years ago and I missed out to see that where ever you go it´s not the unconditional formula for success. Sounds great? You don´t need to work 60-70 hours per week to get promoted? Some skepticism is warranted because you might think every boss will know who is worth the promotion and does the work here.

Scientists found out that it´s actually 10% of your success in your career. Okay if it´s really just 10% of it, then give me the other 90% you legitimately ask right now.

Moreover, 60% of your success comes from relationships. Relationships are your path for success! Always when it comes to a decision a close relationship could bring you the extra point to cross the goal line. Focus on soft skills and make friends with the right people and push your career! Make long-lasting relationships and really try to connect with them. You know “Quality instead of quantity”. Create a reputation for yourself that makes the best advertisement for you. After a couple of time, your colleagues will know you for your values you wanna relate to.

Create your own brand

To create your own brand, you should care about what others think about you. That includes you should ask your colleagues what they think you do best. You should also consider asking your closest friends and family members as well. With their point of view, you will improve yourself in a way that really brings you forward and even though improves your showing for your promotion.

In other words, let your words and behavior do the work for you and save your energy. No more stress. No overtime. No more going to work being ill. No more putting yourself under pressure with many new projects for maybe no recognition of any manager of your company.

Work smart, not hard!