Hey Guys, I´m back in Europe and I took a lot from my trip to Asia. From both personal and HR perspective. Since this is not a travel blog, we focus on the HR part of it. But this time around I don´t talk about something I´ve seen there in Asia. It is actually something I´m in charge of in the company I´m working in. It´s the Onboarding of new employees to our company.

What is Onboarding actually?

Onboarding ´s like the Boarding process at the airport to enter the airplane. With the onboarding, you should integrate new employees to your company. The better the Onboarding the more comfortable the new employee will feel afterward. We speak about Onboarding because, in my opinion, it´s getting more and more important. It´s because it´s getting harder and harder to find matching talents for your company.

How does great Onboarding look like?

First of all, great Onboarding is given when a new employee does not need much time to feel comfortable in his/her new surroundings. That will reduce costs for further integrational work or an early leaving from the newly signed employee. Therefore it´s mandatory to prepare everything before he/she has his/her first day in your company. Provide the new employee with information like Company Vision, Mission, Goals, Training opportunities and ethical codes of behavior. In addition to these, you should consider giving your employees information about your new work in general like who´s the person I have to obey, who can I talk to etc.?

Something every company should implement is a system every new employee has a buddy he/she can talk to. That reduces problems right from the very beginning. Furthermore, it´s a brilliant opportunity to integrate new shy employers for example. What´s more? Maybe giving a new talent a present, just a little one to show him/her he/she is welcome at the new workplace.

From a workload perspective, it´s useful to create an induction plan and with a review from a manager or someone who´s responsible for that employee. That boost the relationship and performance.

Some companies use a FAQ letter to decrease typical questions new employees have at the beginning. Obviously, there is a lot of information for one person in a new company.

What companies disregard often is to care about the employees further on. I mean, for some companies it´s just hiring talents, for others it integrates them well and for only a small fraction of all companies in the world, it´s more than that. Please pay attention to that simple fact that the Onboarding process is not even done yet. It´ll take time for the new employees to feel great at their new workplace. Try to stick new employees into many new projects to integrate them more to each and everyone to the company. That helps talents to get in touch with many others from the company and build relationships with them. This will increase the feelgood factor and new talents will stick with your company even though they probably have better options.

Tell me your thoughts and I hope you like this article. Cheers!