Hey Guys,
this episode is a bit special being in Singapore right now and I don´t wanna let you guys down 😉

The best thing being a blogger is working from wherever you are. Today I´m sitting in a café in Singapore and therefore it´s mandatory to speak about HR in Asia. This includes Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.

I think it´s mandatory to speak about that fact Asia is the biggest growing market in the last couple of decades. It is a simple fact that European countries established stable relationships with Asian countries. And each one of you maybe noticed different cultural practices and manners. In particular, in Asia, it´s useful to strictly respect their social manners in both their private lives and at a professional level.

Okay, this guy beats around the bush! Why is he telling us these kinds of things? Okay, hold on! Let me explain it.

The challenge for us here is pretty simple.
They focus on different points as we do. The colleges in China today turn out hundreds of graduates, but many lack the level of skill European and American firms expect. They are on a different level in terms of knowledge. That depends on the subject, Whatever the reason really is, it´s like the cultural differences between Europe and Asia. We have to find a way to take this into account and deal with the differences. Accordingly, a recruiter has to be well-versed in each school, college or whatever.

There are many things to contemplate while having candidates from Asia. In India, they´re facing a shortage of skilled people who speak English fluently. The skilled Indians are leaving India and going to Europe for better compensation. For an Indian HR Manager a horrendous situation.

In the Philippines, they set incentives to keep their citizens in their country. To expect highly skilled candidates for their companies to increase their value. The hiring process is pretty similar to ours but they demand more effort and creativity in their job application.
It´s commonly seen to create a video to introduce yourself to the company you wanna work in. In this video of 2-3 minutes, the recruiters can detect what kind of person he or she really is and how comfortable this person is speaking about herself or himself. In Asia, it´s a manner to stay humble even speaking about your skills and trying to convince others from yourself.

In the end, I can tell you if you ever have seen a CV from India or any other Asian country it is pretty much common to write down every skill you have. Nonetheless the people there they collect certificates for each and every course they´ve attended and everything else they achieved in their lives. These kinds of things stretch their CV´s to sometimes seven pages, but to get an honorable job there with many others with the same dream it´s kinda likely to act so.

Thanks for reading once again and greeting from Singapore guys!