Hey Guys,
today, I dedicate myself the topic around Employer Branding. Actually not the first time doing this, but the first time I´m publishing it 😉

In view of that fact this article is nowhere to be seen, I started another try. So there we go!

Employer Branding suppose to be authentic in the first place! You as a leader in a company should define a positive and realistic picture of the company. Therefore it´s needless to say that companies like BP suffer hard times right now. Why?

Remember the explosion of Deepwater Horizon in 2010. Yes, I´ve watched the movie a couple of days ago, but I took a lesson from it for my blog. Thank me later! 😀

They obviously apologized for it in front of many cameras. But sincerity matters the most!

The people were angry and they could have shown with their actions that they´re really sorry for it. They could have used this tragedy for their own benefits to change the company culture and start the best marketing move in history instead of changing nothing.

For good measure, I have some things for you to know it better!

Management and employers should define together what the company is all about and create a culture. That brings the authenticity the people want to see. To treat Employer Branding like something shabby brings your company down! With Employer Branding, you influence candidates to apply for jobs in your firm. From my perspective, I can tell you that I consciously avoided applying for Nestle, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, ThyssenKrupp, Hewlett Packard, and Monsanto. To name a few.

They just create a culture and ask themselves what is important for us? How do we work? How do we treat our business partners, customers etc? That will have an impact on the company´s reputation and will be recognized by applicants all around the world.

Maybe you have noticed by yourself that I don´t like each and every company for a certain reason. This is what Employer Branding is all about. Even though having to face tougher times to find the right candidate for the right job in the company Employer Branding becomes a higher priority in Human Resource Management. Times changing and Management should have noticed it. Social Media can ruin your business even quicker and the right Employer Branding an essential prerequisite to go faster than the competition.

Keep this in mind and tell me your thoughts!