Hello folks,

some of my readers had asked me this question.

To be honest. I had to do some research to really figure out what´s gonna happen. After quite some time of investigation what the Brits gonna do I give you some facts you really need to know in the first place.

Most of us just know that the Brits will leave the EU for some reasons and whenever I popped the question whether they think it´s good or bad the guessing game has started. Consequently, it´s time to eliminate the unknowingness 😀

In view of that fact, this topic might be complex and nobody really knows what the consequences are, we should focus on keeping it simple. The regulations will change and from the company side and the HR side, it´s useful to know these things here.

It´s common for European countries that they have quite a huge number of migrant workers. One of the biggest advantages in the EU is the free movement of workers. In case of a Danish worker wants to work in Poland he/she doesn´t need a work permit for doing that. Further insurance periods, pensions rights etc. It goes without mentioning that it won´t be the same anymore. Thus for all of you who might think about it going to the UK for employment should consider this.

But what will change? What do I need to know before going abroad into a country outside the EU?
In general, you need a British working permit and a working visa to do so. This could be a thorn in the company´s side. For British companies, it will be difficult to find qualified candidates. Surveys have shown that over 80% of the current employers do not fulfill the VISA requirements. Catering and Event services will suffer hard times. With these new requirements, 94% of the current employers will be illegal.

We also have it the other way around. What will happen for the Brits working in other EU countries?
Some of you might say that Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland aren´t in the EU as well. Do they really have problems? Not that much. But these countries have special regulations given they´re financially strong and working closely together with the EU. The United Kingdom hopes of getting the same benefits for their workers in the EU. It depends on the outcome of the negotiation with the EU.

From my perspective, it´s gonna be tough for the companies in the UK but they have to find other ways in terms of employment. The scenarios of Switzerland, Norway etc have shown that they don´t suffer due to their strong currencies and the buying power. The Pound Sterling is strong, no question asked but instead of Norway and Switzerland, the UK is more dependent on migrant workers in departments like Catering and other Services. For the bigger companies, this could be it and they really could force relocating to other strong countries in the EU. Actually, nobody truly knows the impact BREXIT will have but we will all watch the future developments precisely. That´s for sure. The fact is, it´ll happen and it´ll change something for the employees and employers. There´s nothing left to say from my side except closing with one British saying. “Just wait and see”.