Happy New Year guys! I hope you´re still motivated to achieve your goals this year around? Speaking about goals, promises, and motivation we genuinely speak about performance.
Let´s just say the company boss hires you to boost company performance. What would you do? What would you change?

A lot of people might think that people who want to bring more joy to the company will transform the company into a wellness oasis. These people might say “Work is work and there´s no fun. Deal with it or go anywhere else”
I am the one who says: “Let´s improve the company culture and the performance comes with it anyway, trust me”

But why is it so important from my perspective?
In every business, I´ve worked in the people sooner or later told me that company culture matters more than their salary! This is the area where every management handbook runs up its limits. It will help to find better decisions even by just caring about harmony within the company. People around here should feel comfortable because they actually spend a lot of time in company facilities to work.

How to build up positive company culture?
In some companies, I saw positive culture happened randomly but how to steer it the right direction without having a lot of luck or luckily the right person around here? In my opinion, a great leader knows how to build up a great atmosphere and he or she knows why it´s so important. You as a Leader must show a great example. I believe “actions speak louder than words” so you have to show great attitude to expect great attitude. The rest of it comes with a guideline like an employee handbook that new employees will know how this company runs. In addition to this, you should obviously care about who to hire. Motivated people with ethical characteristics and kindness in their minds will easily find their way to you.

Company culture goes hand in hand with the strategy
Every culture should fit their strategy. Consider that a sales-orientated company shouldn´t be too relaxed in their culture. It´ll produce bad habits and leisure company culture what crashes down sales and revenues. If your company culture is aligned with the goals of your business, it will attract a workforce that can help you get there. Your culture must fit your trajectory.

What means a positive company culture?
It brings you nothing at all to organize a beer-pong on Friday´s. Apparently 😀 I mean it´s not forbidden, but if the workforce isn´t participating this your company workforce will not perform better!
A lot of leaders misunderstand that it´s not the core of company culture to build up these kinds of events. As a whole, they may be part of a company culture that says “we have periodic fun” or “we celebrate big moments”, but the activities in and of themselves are not the culture.

Empowerment is the key!
Why is empowerment so significant for company success? Your workforce will be motivated, perform better, creative and hit sales goals. You empower them by giving them flexible scheduling to better align their job with their personal lives. In addition to that, you should avoid having secrets. Act openly to your workforce and let them know what´s going on. That will decrease gossip, distrust and speculations around the office. Let your workforce be involved in your decisions. People like to be valued and feel more as a part of the team. We grumble a lot when our bosses or our government does not listen to us.

Give them the atmosphere to feel great
I mean everyone understands if I would say make your living-room a bit more comfortable to at least feel happy around your four walls. Like I said, why not feeling comfortable where your workplace is? We spend around 40 to 50 hours per week there. That´s approx. a third of a week. So give your office some positive colors, healthy desks, great furniture, relax zones etc. People will appreciate it! It shows a message: “Management cares about you!” The more the workforce feels cared the more they will pay back in performance!

At least, keep it simple and act like a human. Because it´s called Human Resouce Management and not Machine Resouce Management.
Simple as it sounds, people mostly forget to consider these meaningful things.