Well, today´s gonna be a bit controversial. Maybe I see myself in jail afterward, but I have made some thoughts about this topic. First of all, I see myself as a feminist. From the current point of view, other perspectives won´t make sense. I like the idea behind Gender-Pay-Gap but crucially there are some mistakes in it I would like to inform you about. But to make it clear, there is an imbalance between men and women around the world but not there is no Pay Gap really. Long story short, let´s head into this!

In Germany, they say the Gender-Pay-Gap is around 21%. Well, that´s huge, isn´t it? A headline as well! That means women earn 21% less than men in Germany. In the middle of Europe. In 2018!!! Sound unrealistic and each one of you who´s a bit critical should have asked the same question. Is this really true or just a better headline?

The federal statistic Office in Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany has indicated that the value 21% is an unadjusted one and they followed the specified values from the European Union to calculate the Gender-Pay-Gap. Therefore the chamber European Union could compare the values from each member of the European Union.

The problem here is, that companies with less than ten employees aren´t pulled up as well the public services with all their equal tariffs. Including family businesses where all the profits are obviously distributed equally. At first glance, this statistic shows a one-sided motive to enlarge the Gender-Pay-Gap as much as possible.
“Don´t ever trust statistics that you haven´t falsified yourself”

We all know this quote and here it comes into play.
The adjusted value of the Gender-Pay-Gap is actually around two and six percent!!! Not a big headline even with three exclamation marks. I think you see the point. The idea is great but actually, there is no Gender-Pay-Gap. We should rather talk about a Social-Pay-Gap instead. We have a huge problem within our society. We have big managers, actors and football stars earning a hell of a lot of money and then we have jobs in health-care much worse paid. This two to six percent are real given that fact that they investigated men and women within the following criteria: same qualifications, age, responsibilities, working time, and education.

We have bigger problems and challenges like the difference between rich and poor are increasing tremendously and we talk about a Pay-Gap which is pretty close to 0% if we do the right maths.

Source: Calculation of Gender-Pay-Gap

That´s why I asked in my headline? Gender-Pay-Gap or Gender-Pay-Trap? Actually, I think it´s a trap to distract us from other problems we really have. We should rather ask why the salary level is so unequal in terms of industries you work in? Why can´t we support health care jobs to sustain our health?
What do you think? Do we really have a Gender Problem in terms of payment? Give me your thoughts!

By the way, it´s the last article in this very year! So I wish you pleasant days with your family and friends a wonderful Christmas and refreshing a motivational start into 2019! Cheers for the support and from the 7th January 2019 on you can expect weekly HR Content again! 🙂