Like in real life when people connect with each other we screen the other person whether he or she fits our values and expectations. Unlike real life in companies, we neglect the emotional part mostly and screen with a listing of requirements the candidate should have.
In the office, I´m in it´s actually my part doing exactly this!
Now then, I´m gonna tell you something about the experience I´ve made and what I think is best to do for my liking.

Initially, don´t you think it´s getting easier with company size. Why?
Let just say you´ve posted the job ad and many applicants rolling in. Do you see it coming? You´ll be spoilt for the choice, I´m gonna tell you!
Who´s the best for the job?
Yah, ask me another! 😀

In the beginning, I have started to read every sentence and I´m not kidding but after the very first I stopped doing this 😀

I screened the CV/Resume of the candidate to find out whether he/she is capable of doing this job. In there you can easily find out the candidate´s skills. I mean, the technique is nothing new and not worth reading this blog, yeah you´ve got me, but honestly the bigger the company the more the recruiter won´t read everything you´ve had written. The first indicator is effectively the CV/Resume. From my perspective, it´s the first filter I set. Everything that the Hiring Manager has told me to look for I must have found in one or the several candidates I want to invite for the first round.

But for what do I really look for?!
I use a technique which would have really exposed myself as an applicant, to say the least, 😀
Look between the lines! Is the candidate sending out the same CV/Resume to each and every job? Sometimes it doesn´t make sense to tell me that you have knowledge of flying a helicopter due to applying for a job in a bank. That shows me a lot of “Copy paste skills” and nothing more.
The design could make the CV more readable and I somehow put them in a better position if the rest fits as well. The length of a CV/Resume could also shoot yourself in the foot. I know there are cultural differences as in Asia it seems to be pretty normal to send out a CV/Resume with more pages than one or two. But here in Europe, we focused on the quick facts given and the rest we will find out later or never.

In addition to that, I do some research
I check out what I can find in Google or Facebook/Instagram or where ever. Frankly, it brings not really that much but the more you can find the better you know the person before inviting to the job interview. Not everything is about the qualities of the applicants, sometimes you just have to make that decision whether this person fits the company. I remember pretty damn good as we were looking for a Junior Commercial Manager and we needed someone young, open-minded and a person who´s easy to maintain. With a closer look in their web presence, I could better understand who´s calm and open-minded than without.

Personality test
In the company, I´m in it´s actually more fake than real but to say the least, it´s still a modern way to find out what the person is all about.
Here it´s fake because it should put the candidates into a position of stress.
But a lot of companies start more and more using this kind of screening. These tests cost a lot of money to truly find out some personality traits which will come out anyway. In my opinion, it´s okay but the possibility of lying during this test is still given and could falsify the outcome of it.

Telephone interviews
During my internship for my bachelor´s thesis, I´ve worked for a Gastro Event Company in Hamburg. My task was, for instance, to screen the candidates on the phone before we invite them to show up. That should reduce the risk that we hire idiots for these high-class events we have hosted. The person who was kind had a proper language or could somehow express him/herself in a way of our expectations, could make some extra points for the job interview later on. Some of you might say it´s not the way to screen candidates for every job, but nonetheless, it considerably reduced the rate of a bad hiring decision.

In general, we can say that obviously there´s no recipe to do the right Screening, but there are certain ways and I hope I could show you some ways of doing this and what my experience was with these techniques.

I hope you enjoyed it as always and don´t overlook to subscribe if you haven´t already 🙂