In the first instance, thank you guys so much for the support during my first weeks here. It means a lot to me!
Thanks as well for the kind words to my latest article. Many of you told me it was the best one. I appreciate it! If you missed the first five articles by now, please make sure to check it out this time and subscribe for weekly HR content to never miss any article. So, and now let´s get to number 6!

I told you I´m playing Santa this year last time around 😀 Therefore, here´s another episode of a topic from a reader´s wishlist.

The sentence “Persistence is my key” has proven to be a really important one for my life. Why do I say it? Because your hard work will pay dividends sooner or later. I made the experience that whatever your goal is focus it and make things happen instead of losing hope.

I know we spend a lot of time applying for jobs, looking for the right words, the right clothes and how to answer the questions asked in the job interview. At the end of the story, it´s another “NO” The longer this phase, the more you´re frustrated. I use this blog to tell others about my experiences. Let´s head into this.

Change your game plan
Whenever something sees out not the way I like I start following a new path. For instance, You´re applying for several months without even receiving a positive answer. Change the way of doing this. If possible, check out some addresses from the internet, contact at first glance or make an impact by showing up in person. That helped me a lot in the past. Another example could be, ask friends from your already existing network if there´s any possibility to get a job with their help or make new contacts. Even if they don´t, they´ll hopefully have some friends, they could help you out one day and if they don´t, maybe they´ll have some friends…I see you get the point! 😉

Take a closer look
With this I mean, maybe your style of applying isn´t the right one or you don´t see the little mistake you´re doing on and on again. Ask closer friends or someone who´s in a position to give you some advice. For example, a couple of moons ago I have asked some fellow students what their style of applying really is and I have asked an HR Manager to check my application. She literally destroyed my application in a two minutes voicemail that made me laugh. Therefore I started to change the things right after the voicemail. What I would take from this is that sometimes you don´t see it, but others do.

Even though it can be hard to apply just calm down. Take a deep breath and relax. Everything´s gonna be alright, really! Whatever your degree, Master, Bachelor, Ph.D., high school or middle school there´s always a huge possibility for you to find a great job. In stressful applying moments, I´m always telling myself that my father came to Germany with literally nothing in terms of educational background to come forward here in Germany. However the circumstances, he made it and lives a comfortable life here. Most of my readers here have an educational background which leads us to more comfortable stages.

Switch to the other side
Well, that´s a bit irritating. You shouldn´t undergo a sex change. Don´t get me wrong! 😀 But put yourself into the HR Recruiters position and ask yourself “Why should they hire me?” “What can I offer them?” “What is my motivation to do this job?”. Don´t beat around the bush, just put it in a nutshell why it´s an absolute necessity to hire exactly you!

Don´t stress about stress before there´s even stress to stress about
I saw this sentence so often but it´s a fact! Applying is stress! Yes indeed! But losing your head whilst applying isn´t the solution. It brings you nothing to be concerned about every little detail during your application process. You don´t want to work for a company where you just played the perfect role on one specific day. You want to work for a company what suits you best!

So just stay motivated, set your focus on quality instead of quantity, write your applications in an individual style (I read a lot of applications per day and I read a lot of sentences they use in each and every one of their applications) and most importantly reflect yourself wherever possible.