We´re on our way to Christmas, so I make some wishes true. Honestly, my topics were scheduled until next year, but some of my readers have already made their wishlist 😀
So, there we go! It´s the season of giving guys!
Let’s talk about self-marketing and how to make it count. Especially we in Europe have a huge problem with bragging around about our achievements. As some of you might know, I don’t really have a problem with that!

“Do good and make it known”. I know it sounds a bit cheeky, but everybody does it. Sometimes we worry too much what others might think about us. Who’s covering his or her accomplishments will not come far. Most of us feel awkward speaking positively about ourselves. Due to its negative reputation, people act like the people will notice if I´m good enough. I rather say self-marketing contains a way to make abilities visible for others.

Know your own qualities
Most of the people tend to not really speak about their qualities. As important as doing self-marketing in general, it comes in handy to know your strengths. Recognize your own strengths, change your attitude and show it where ever you can. This attitude is a matter of course for your future career. Show it and the other´s will notice it anyway.

Do some social networking
Common practice is that the best networking you could do is in the corridor. I´ve found out myself. I´ve been mostly focused on having a chance to meet a powerful person in the company in Meetings, but in fact, it was more useful to have a great lunch break talk with them or actually having a quick chat with them in the corridor. These people will embrace it and notice it. Due to having these kinds of conversations you´ll get pieces of information other´s will not get in Meetings.

Draw attention to yourself
Put yourself into a position where you would like to be. In other words, give yourself that label other´s should see you. Promote your new reputation by making some impact on your new actions. Put faith into your moves and your co-workers will notice that whatever you do you do it right. Sometimes I was not even sure what I was talking about during my presentations but through my showmanship my audience was impressed.

Last but not least…
Your colleagues should become aware of your achievements. That will boost your career on many occasions. With every I let the others go first, someone dull will get the promotion and you´ll end up in bitterness crying about your lost opportunities. “False modesty says that you could be worse than arrogance”.