This time around we speak about that phenomenon of inner resignation. No matter what the situation, we have been fired, our temporary contract ends in foreseeable future, we have a new job coming or we are looking for a new job but not having a new one. The situation can be challenging.

What they all have in common is that there will be a change and until this very moment you have to find your inner motivation to get the job done. From an employee perspective this period is mostly seen as a recovery phase but in reality, it could be a period of conflicts and frustration.
Why? Obviously, there are so many emotions involved which leads to sustainable problems for both employee and employer.

But is it natural the cancellation period is an unpleasant time?
Well, just assuming you have declared your boss you see your future career somewhere else. Take it for granted that your boss will be disappointed. Or in case your boss comes across and fires you the situation won´t be any better! Like I said there are so many emotions involved from sorrowfulness to thoughts of revenge. But is there really no possibility for harmony in the end? Must everything burn down to ashes? Personal vendettas for sure?

Like in every relationship there´s a possibility to end up well but it depends on both sides how´s it gonna work. It is the little things that can make a big difference:

I recommend you to avoid these actions!

1) In case you´ll have a better job don´t brag about it. This may be interpreted as a provocation that could lead to heat at the office.

2) Switch over to “relax hard” mode. It sounds seductive but isn´t really fair in the first place. Rather not doing this one. Honestly, it is extremely hard to avoid but shows zero respect towards your colleagues. Therefore it´s not the best way to say “Goodbye”.

3) Ruin their business to give them a little payback. It sounds evil but is definitely something that could occur. Think about some private relationships that ended up in a total disaster. Just sayin´.

4) Even if your best employee leaves the company you shouldn´t give your employee that feeling that he or she has been blacklisted. This is just unprofessional and weak. Show him or her respect and secure a great atmosphere.

5) The right communication: The most important part from my perspective. I mean, like I said there are many emotions involved and people´s egos could have been hurt sometimes but it should be communicated the contract has been ended by mutual agreement. This is fair and square and both parties aren´t concerned about their reputation.

Why is it so essential to play it rational?

Nuff said, to force a Win-Win Situation!
The company could make an impact on their employers that shows respect until the very last day. In addition to that, it keeps a great spirit within the company. Furthermore, it could be beneficial to maintain a great relationship with former employees.

All in all, stay cool and positive! Revenge and negativity bring nothing at all!
Have a wonderful and productive week!