Given the fact not everyone knows exactly what recruitment agencies really do I give you a short explanation: It is an organization which matches employers with employees. It´s actually Tinder for both employers and employees.

In order to identify what is needed in terms of personnel companies deal with the major problem finding suitably qualified specialists. Human Resources commands a large number of effective methods to identify these. To avoid rocket science the number of employees meet the requirements of the company there will be no overtime or idle time. But what is when there are short-term changes to cope with?

Solution: Temporary employment?
Imagine the following scenarios: There can be a large or unexpected order or both, illness absence or pregnancy that can lead to short-term adaption in their workforce. On this occasion, the problem is just the traditional recruiting process that will occupy too much time. They need someone as soon as possible. This is where recruitment agencies come into play. They also help people from the employee perspective to give them an opportunity for a permanent contract. Literally killing two birds with one stone.

Temporary workers are vitally important to react to fluctuations in the market. Without these companies cannot face these problems. Thus, companies are capable to create value provisionally. This gives companies at least the possibility to balance out the economic situation, what is extremely important for companies with strong fluctuations.

For both me and the society it took a while to really accept the role of recruitment agencies today. Their reputation is probably not the best nowadays, but it´s getting better and better, They have positioned theirself into an acceptable spot during the time. Most of the recruitment agencies like Randstad, HAYS, Adecco, Kelly Services, epunkt, pluss, and Manpower have abundant knowledge about the market they play in and can support real quick.

This model has as well offered many new chances to start a career. Jobseekers can also use this fact to their advantage. In countries like Spain, it is more likely the only option for young people to get a job while companies rather look for experienced workers. For the 50+ generation, it´s also a plus to overcome a job loss. At least it could bring people the required experience to get hired for a permanent contract in this company or anywhere else.

With this article, I wanted to improve their image and standing in society.

So, while reading this take into account that a certain amount of considerable skepticism is always advisable. Have you made some experiences with recruitment agencies?

Good or bad, tell me!