While looking for full-time job people without relevant job experience may suffer hard times. So were I. More or less in the past. This time I made it another way. I will tell you how it is still possible without marrying a professional football player or having a rich daddy.

Honestly, applying sucks. No questions asked!
For young professionals, it is frustrating to see offered jobs with required experience in this sector. Therefore it should be borne in mind what experience they are able to contribute from education, internships etc.

People should be aware of their own skills and competencies
beside having competencies from education there are many other experiences you have made. Mention accomplishments from your private life or voluntary work. Emphasize all the positive aspects of your competencies. This could be part-time jobs, voluntary work, training programmes, seminar papers or workshops.

Inevitable is it to focus on relevant jobs for you to reduce costs and effort. Take a closer look at what is mandatory and what is preferred in this job vacancy. If there is a skill required you do not comply with, I recommend you not to apply for. Is it not a “must-have” then I would rather go for it.

I will show you an example: As you can see yellow highlighted. There are words used like: require, ability, must have, willingness, knowledge. And then there is the word “preferred” Differences from country to country can occur. Like mentioning years of experience, wages, advantages etc.


Source: The Guardian

Companies are always looking for the ideal candidate. If there is none, it is the perfect chance for someone else. For example, a corporate consultancy will rather look for a candidate with experience as a student consultant. If there is no applicant like this they will cut back their expectations. Makes sense? Alright!

How to market yourself and play it a bit strategic?

The part I always underestimated. Market yourself and do the right networking! Define your goal and get in touch with those people who already are in this position. I wasted this opportunity to make the right contacts. Instead, I made friends with the Kebab and Shisha guy next to my flat. These contacts will not get you easier access to the jobs you are dreaming of. Play it a bit wisely and do some research on what company suits best and get in touch with the contact person. This could bring you the crucial information!
Use XING and LinkedIn to establish contacts and join some groups there. Some of them may help you to get a foot in the door.

Nuff said: Play the long game and stay focused!
Did I forget something crucial? Tell me something from your perspective.
Are you already doing the right things?