Hey everybody and welcome to my HR blog!Blog 1

I am Armin Ghadimi and I introduce you to my blog!
I like to express my thinkings and experiences with everyone. It always was and it always will be that way.
This kinda project is a risk for sure, regarding I am 27 years old and knowing literally nothing about HR in business at all.
To be honest in the first place. I know most of the things just from the literature, from internships or my past jobs in my very young career.
I, more likely see this blog as a ground for discussions, ideas and capture my personal development.
In September in this very year, I have started in an international company in Hamburg, Germany. I hold the post of an HR Consultant to assist the Head of Human Resources in this company. This life-changing moment is the perfect chance for me to fulfill my dream of writing something I like and nothing my teacher, professor or lecturer told me to.
Some friends of mine knew it before. My plan to start a blog was growing pretty much two years ago during my master´s programme in Graz, Austria. I decided to never publish my first written article because I wanted to do it differently.
So now the time is right.
I eventually reached the conclusion that Human Resources is my passion! I love to see people growing, changing and improving. There is no better department in a company to observe that!
Long story short.
Enjoy my blog!
Expect less and experience more!